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SAP Training

SAP(Systems, Applications and products for data processing) is an Enterprise or ERP Software, developed by German company SAP. As it an ERP software, There are many functions modules in SAP like Finance, Materials Management, Sales & Distribution, Controlling, Project and Systems, Production Planning, Human Resource etc...On the other side whole SAP software is built in ABAP(Advanced Business Application Programming) language it is proprietary language of SAP. There are two modules at technical side 1) SAP ABAP 2) SAP Basis. T L Technologies provides training on SAP ABAP(Advanced business application programming) language. First Whole business process of any company is taught to candidates. Because SAP is an ERP software so first need to have an idea of business process. After that SAP ABAP is taught with practical examples. Training is provided by experienced SAP ABAP Consultants.

Duration : 90 Days
Trainer : more than 7 years of industry experience SAP ABAP Consultants
Certificate : Yes
Live Project : Yes
Implementation : 100% Practical
Prerequisites : Should know any one computer language like C, C++ or any other language and basic knowledge of SQL Queries

SAP ABAP Training Course Content

1)    Introduction SAP
  •   What is an ERP?
  •   SAP R/3 Architecture
  •   SAP Servers
  •   SAP System Landscape
2)    Data Dictionary
  •   Database tables
  •   Domains
  •   Data Elements
  •   Structures
  •   Data types
  •   Table Types
  •   Search Help
  •   Lock Objects
  •   Views
3)    ABAP Data types
4)    Loops and Branching
5)    Internal Tables
6)    Open SQL Queries
7)    Modularization Techniques
8)    SAP Report and Dialogue Programming
9)    Function Module
10)  Messages
11)  Transaction Code Creation
12)  Customizing and Workbench Request Creation
13)  Batch Data Communication(BDC)
14)  SAP Script
16)  ALV Reports
17)  BAPI
19)  LSMW

   Demo Lecture

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