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PHP Training

PHP is a most widely used open source language. It is generally used for web application development but can also be used for general purpose programming. PHP and MySQL database combination is widely used. For this reason, most of all the web hosting service providers support hosting for PHP and MySQL. T L Technologies provides training on PHP and advanced PHP. It also teaches candidates to make e-commerce web application using PHP. PHP is interpreted language.

Duration : 75 Days
Trainer : more than 8 years of industry experience PHP Developers
Certificate : Yes
Live Project : Yes
Implementation : 100% Practical
Prerequisites : Should know any one computer language like C, C++ or any other language

PHP Training Content

1)    PHP Language Introduction
2)    PHP Tags
  •   PHP Statements
  •   White Space
  •   Comments
3)    Accessing For Variables
4)    PHP Data Types
  •   Type Strength
  •   Type Casting
5)    Constants
6)    Variable Scope
7)    Operators
  •   Arithmetic Operators
  •   String Operators
  •   Assignment Operators
  •   Comparison Operators
  •   Logical Operators
  •   Bitwise Operators
  •   Other Operators
8)    Precedence
9)    Variable Functions
10)  Branching & loops
11)  Processing Forms
  •   Writing to a File
  •   Reading from a File
  •   Closing a File
12)  Arrays
  •   Sorting Arrays
  •   Sorting Multidimensional Arrays
13)  String Manipulation and regular expression
14)  Reusing code & Writing functions
15)  Object oriented PHP
16)  Error and Exception Handling
17)  Designing MySQL Database
18)  Accessing MySQL Database from PHP
19)  Running an E-commerce site
20)  E-commerce Security issues
21)  Implementing Authentication with PHP and MySQL
22)  Using Session Control in PHP
23)  Building User Authentication and Personalization
24)  Generating Images
25)  Building a Shopping cart
26)  Building a web based Email Service
27)  Ajax with PHP
28)  Object oriented PHP
29)  Wordpress, Joomla
30)  Frameworks like CodeIgniter, yii

   Demo Lecture

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