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Android Training

Android is a widely used mobile operating system based on Linux kernel. It is generally designed for touch screen smart phones and tablets. It is also available for TV, Car and Wrist watches. It is an open source project. Android platform is Java. Android SDK is a collection of java API to build applications for Android operating system. T L Technologies gives in depth android training so that after completion of the training, Candidates will be able to make their own android applications.

Duration : 60 Days
Trainer : more than 7 years of industry experience Android Application Developers
Certificate : Yes
Live Project : Yes
Implementation : 100% Practical
Prerequisites : Should know any one computer language like C, C++ or any other language

Android Training Course Content

1)    Core JAVA Concepts
  •   OOPs Concepts
2)    SQL
  •   Queries in brief
3)    Introduction to Android
  •   What is Android?
  •   Setting up development environment in Eclipse IDE
4)    Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers & Content providers
5)    Intents & Intent Filters
6)    Android API levels (versions & version names)
7)    Application Structure (in detail)
8)    AndroidManifest.xml
9)    Uses-permission
10)  Resources &
11)  Assets
12)  Layouts & Drawable Resources
13)  Activities and Activity lifecycle
14)  First sample Application
15)  Launching emulator
16)  Introduction to DDMS
17)  Second App:- (switching between activities)
18)  Communication between Intents
19)  Basic UI design
20)  Preferences
21)  Menu
22)  Intents (in detail)
23)  UI design
24)  Tabs and Tab Activity
25)  Styles & Themes
26)  Content Providers
27)  Android Debug Bridge tool
28)  Linkify
29)  Custom components

   Demo Lecture

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